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Welcome to the first impression

Bethlehem Anteneh
This person is an Architect and Game-Thinking designer
interested in ways of how physical environment, challenges
and their Game-Thinking overlap to create spaces and
activities that elevate human activity, thought and

It has designed and facilitated 11+ workshops around 8
countries. It is crazy passionate about finding different
perspectives/understandings; designing new, simple and
playful solutions. In this regard, it has been on 8+
different stages around Africa and Europe, namely: Gamescom,
Nordic Game Jam, AfricaTechSummit, Urban Age Conference,
AMAZE fest, DW… It also has delivered 5+ Experiential Design
and 8 mobile Experience Designs. 

Oh yes, it has traveled and experienced 25+ cities in the world which it is grateful for :)

It believe it's job as a designer is to ‘Tell Stories’, ‘Access Fantasies’, and ‘Reframe our Questions’. It is she.